Family Stories

Power of Family Stories

Strengthening Families by Sharing your Family’s HiSTORY

Our stories, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem, are of great worth to our families.  We are important to our family and that makes our story important to them as well. My children know my Grandpa even though they never met him – they know him through the stories I tell. Not sure where to start? I will be posting ideas and inspiration on how to find, capture and share your family’s stories.

I blog about lots of storytelling topics. Here’s my latest thoughts about the Power of Family Stories.

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Telling Your Story or The Importance of Squeeze Pudding

When our children ask my husband to tell them a story, his usual response falls into the category of “I don’t have any stories to tell.”  Luckily, (he may think unluckily – but I’m the one who’s writing this post) he has a persistent wife and children who carefully coax … Continue reading