Inspiration and Tips on Capturing the Ingredients of a Story

Our lives are like chocolate chip cookies. Each of the experiences we have are not sweet on their own. Some are as bitter as baking soda, some as bland and boring as flour, oats are great (if you’re a horse), but when you mix them all together they make something sweet. Joy is the whole cookie.

Luckily there are experiences that are sweet all by themselves – the chocolate chips. They are usually small moments often missed in the mix of bland and bitter, but when you can hold onto them they bring a tiny bit of joy. Happiness is a handful of chocolate chips.

These tiny bits of joy are what I try to capture in my journal – the sweet chocolate chips of life.
What was the one moment you experienced worth remembering today? Describe it in your journal. It’s not so much about what happened to us during the day as it is what we want to remember.

What was your sweet chocolate chip today?

I will be sharing posts from my journal in hopes to inspire you to find the moments in your life worth remembering and preserving. This is the stuff stories are made of. (Click here to see a description of the “characters” in my journal stories.”)

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A Spontaneous Birthday Parade

My husband just happened to have the camera to capture this sweet moment. Fizz was completely surprised when two of her friends came from behind; one said, “You think it will work?” The other answered, “Let’s do it!” They scooped her up and started a birthday parade. She was surprised, … Continue reading

Building a Sand Castle – the moment described

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“What do you guys want to do at the beach today?” Kevin asked. The kids in a rare moment of unanimity said, “Build a sand castle!” Kevin headed toward the trailer to grab the full size shovel and the sand molding tools he had packed the 930 miles from Utah … Continue reading