About Steffani

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I’m a mom, and I’m a storyteller. My blog (and my website) shows how I integrate both into my life. I love performing and teaching about storytelling–to adults, to kids, and to families. But my first love is using stories with my family–and in my family we live and breathe stories every day.

Since you will be hearing all about us throughout the site and blog posts, I thought I would introduce you to my family.

The Cast of Characters:

There’s me: Totally timeless (not a timeless beauty, or timeless classic, just completely and totally without time). I love loving people – it’s messy and beautiful and tiring and wonderful. I love stories. Really love them. I always have a story in my head and a song in my pocket and I frequently forget the laundry.

Kevin is my sweet husband.  He can do anything (except fix the car). Loves to sit on the front porch and carve while I play guitar. Can handle a group of 12 year old scouts with style. And best of all – he loves his children and me. After 20 years of dealing with me he has adopted a new motto “Is this a problem to be solved or a person to be loved?” And I am happy to report he remembers it about 50% of the time.

Pop is my 18 year old boy who is really not 18 in any way (except for his enormous appetite, love of loud music, and impulsiveness). He has Cerebral Palsy, a contagious giggle, and a beautiful (and loud) singing voice. He has the special talent of making people feel like a rock star and of obsessing about his worries.

Fizz  is my 15 year old girl who can’t help but smile (she even smiles in her sleep). She sees through the loop holes of the social hierarchy of High School, is friendly to everyone, and an absolute dream to have around. You’ll most likely find her reading a book, playing the piano, cooking or generally being helpful in some way – but you won’t find her in her room; it is too messy to find anything in there.

Whattalatta is my 13 year old LEGO fanatic. He builds the impossible daily with a handful of bricks. He designs, creates and builds fantastic games, loves making his brothers laugh, and is the king of random. He has also mastered the art of sulking when asked to help.


Bing  is my 5 year old firecracker. He is loud, has big ideas, and an even bigger personality. He wakes up every day ready for adventure and is an extrovert to the max. He is animated and funny and demanding and bossy.


Bang is my 2 year old love bug. This kid came ready to love; and love BIG. He is sweet and tender and a little mischievous. He is quiet and easy to entertain and easy to lose track of – how did you find the peanut butter again?

IMG_6156a-bwEnd with a BOOM! Our newest arrival was a complete and wonderful surprise. She is calm, happy, has two dimples when she smiles and currently has her days and nights mixed up.


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