Raising Children One Story at a Time

I’m always tempted to lecture, sometimes tempted to yell and once in a while tempted to cry but I have found time and time again if I ignore these temptations and tell a story instead; everything goes better. There is nothing like telling a story while you hold your child, then watching the story take root, grow, and change behavior or perceptions. I hope you can use the seeds of ideas from my parenting experience to see great growth in your children too.

I blog about lots of storytelling topics. Here’s my latest thoughts about Parenting with stories.

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When Little Brother Is the “Bad Guy”

It was a cold and wintery Wednesday. Preschool was about to end. What would we do this afternoon? I packed Bang in the car and picked up Bing and his friend B. We were going to Arctic Circle for lunch. They ate ½ their lunch and headed for the play … Continue reading