Steffani LIVE!

Steffani’s performances are energetic and captivating. She is experienced telling to age groups from 0-103 and connects easily with any audience.  Her signature style is humor with heart, consistently making her a crowd favorite. One teacher exclaimed, “Steffani is such a great storyteller she could even make the phone book sound interesting!” Hire Steffani for your next event and experience why so many people want her back year after year.

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What something different than what you see below? Steffani can custom build a program to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless!

SONY DSCiTell uTell

Take a break from endless apps, video games and texting, and fall in love with the oldest art there is – storytelling.  Join us for an hour of interactive storytelling designed by Steffani Raff to entertain and inspire others to share their stories.  Fun, fresh and engaging this program will increase your family’s face time by helping you discover the power of story (no electricity required).

Kaleidoscope-imageLooking Through the Kaleidoscope: Focusing on Issues of Diversity

Colorful, imaginative, and true stories that reflect the diversity of life and all its experiences. In this storytelling concert, Steffani skillfully blends original stories from her childhood experience of learning how a kaleidoscope works. The images and words combine in a way that will inspire both children and adults to celebrate the things that make us different, while appreciating how similar we really are. Bring the whole family and experience the fun of listening to stories together!

Cowpies & Conundrums

This is an hour long story about Utah’s own Fremont Indian State Park.  Humorous, heart-breaking, history! Steffani regales her own experience dreaming of being a famous archaeologist while uncovering the story of how Fremont Indian State Park came to be. Steffani’s Dad was one of the head archaeologists that excavated the site. This story is based on first hand accounts and research.

Dreaming in the Daytime

Wake up your imagination to dream in the daytime! An interactive storytelling performance where imagination takes center stage. You can expect high energy, laughter and fun when children spontaneously create a story with Steffani.

The Shaping of America: A Melting Pot of Stories

America was shaped by many different people from many different cultures. Join Steffani Raff as she tells you interactive stories from some of the cultures that make up America. You’ll hear stories with origins from Africa, South America, Thailand, and Europe.

Heroes-Wanted-ImageHeroes Wanted

Storyteller Steffani Raff brings her humor, energy, music, and a variety of stories to the stage in storytelling program that will inspire families to consider how the choices they make now will help shape their future.  What makes a hero?  Find out, as the whole family is entertained!

Cultural Series: the Middle East

If you want to know a culture listen to the stories they tell. It is in the stories you will find the things they laugh at and the things they value most. All over the Islamic world there are stories of Nasreddin Hodja – the wise fool. He is called by different names in different Middle Eastern countries but they all claim him as their own. His clever and foolish ways made him a friend to everyone and left people talking – all that talking turned into the stories you will hear in this engaging storytelling concert.

Stories Everywhere

Where can you find a good story? Everywhere! In this storytelling concert Steffani Raff will share all kinds of stories. Hear a folktale, original fiction, a story from life, a tall tale, a biographical story and a historical tale. This concert is sure to inspire and entertain.

Christmas Stories

Steffani has a variety of Christmas stories she can mix and match to put together a program to meet your needs.

A Road to Home

In A Road to Home, storyteller Steffani Raff weave words, stories and songs together to take the audience on a journey. Adults will appreciate the humor and wit Steffani pulls out of folk tales, mythology, and life. Come join her as she takes you on an adventure to explore uncharted waters where you can think deeply and dream the impossible. Both entertaining and inspiring, this concert will leave you laughing as you discover your own road home.