Steffani Teaches the Craft

Steffani has taught storytelling in a variety of settings since 1997. Her innovative ideas, interactive teaching style and sense of humor make her an excellent facilitator. Her knowledge of the practical application of imagination allows her to teach the skill of creating stories in which images communicate meaning beyond words.

As a natural teacher and mentor, people leave her workshops feeling energized and empowered. She offers workshops for both children and adults.

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Story Creation through Imagination

Students will create believable characters, make a setting rich in sensory detail, and use their imagination to create a brand new story using guided imagery. Following this process will lead them to endless story-making abilities where the plot comes naturally from the bullet-proof structure of folktales.

Unlocking the Gift of Gab to Discover your Hidden Stories

The hardest part of telling a personal story is finding an idea. Steffani will use a personal tale of her own as a springboard for the students to dive into their own tellable tales. Students will participate in activities specifically designed to get them talking about their own stories and launch them into writing and telling a story from their own life.

Digging up and Frying the Big Potato

This workshop is designed to help students discover the most important idea in a story. A series of activities will inspire children to look deeper into the stories they are working on and make decisions on what it is that makes their story an important one for them to tell. Students will learn to see rich detail in the specifics of a story and how picking the right details will make a story universal.

Creating a Classroom Storytelling Community

In this workshop Steffani will teach students to listen, appreciate and offer effective suggestions to their peers to create great writing/storytelling. The workshop will lay the foundation for establishing a writing/storytelling community in the classroom; where students can help each other become better writers/tellers. Additional support and information is available to assist the teacher in the role of facilitator.

More than Memorization

A good story isn’t delivered in a string of memorized words – it comes as dynamic images, vibrant vocal qualities and genuine gestures. In this workshop students learn that storytelling is more than memorization; it is learning to speak with the power of imagination. Students will make a visual map of a story and learn to tell a story based on images instead of words.

Think on Your Feet the Art of Creative Spontaneity

Students will experience a story in which the tale is spontaneously created by the audiences’ participation. They will practice the art of improvisation through activities and apply the ideas gained through these inventive elements to enhance their ability to create and perform lively tales.


We will explore the power of song, rhythm, chant, and voice in this workshop. Whether you are musical or not this promises to be a fantastic setting for creative exploration, spontaneous collaboration, word-shaking, game playing fun. Full participation, improvisation, and story surprises await.

Storytelling Nuts and Bolts

Simple steps to a stupendous performance. Steffani will model storytelling and introduce the children to the basics in making a story come to life on stage. Children will learn how to effectively use the 5 tools of a storyteller: voice, expression, gesture, words and imagination. They will also get tips on how to find and select the right story to complement their individual abilities.

Storytelling Coaching

In this workshop Steffani will teach students to listen, appreciate and offer effective suggestions to their peers to create great storytelling.  This is an important part of becoming a part of the storytelling community. This workshop will empower youth tellers to understand and use their strengths, make decisions about their performance, and polish their story. Steffani shares her 15 years of experience mentoring children who have performed at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

The Language of Imagery

Discover the possibilities of a single, well-placed word by playing a variety of games that will surprise you into using similes, metaphors,
alliteration, exaggeration, and sensory description.

Great Beginnings

We will explore great beginnings. Do you have a great story but can’t figure out how to start it? Have you ever wondered how to capture your audience’s attention in the first 40 seconds? Would you like to be able establish a tone for your story from the very beginning? Come and learn the patterns of starting a story well.

Satisfying Endings

When “The End” just doesn’t cut it. We will explore what it takes to create a satisfying ending. Come and discover the patterns of crafting effective finishes by studying and practicing the endings of great stories. Bring a story you are working on so you can apply what you learn!

The Power of Questioning

In this workshop we will work in small groups to develop stories using well placed questions. Learning to question with interest will help bring out sensory imagery, dialogue, character development, and meaning in your stories. Bring a story you’ve been working on and a curious mind.

Creating a Personal Story Vault

Have you been collecting the scraps of story from your life only to find when you are ready to make a quilt you can’t find where you wrote them down? Finding the right story, at the right time, is priceless.

In this workshop you will construct a personal story vault.  Using free digital tools you will build a searchable database of all your ideas, stories, workshops, etc… for easy access.  Learn tips and tricks in structuring a vault so finding stories is effortless.  Bring a computer with internet access for optimal learning experience.

From Object, to Image, to Story–an Imaging Technique

Great stories start with clear images. Learn and practice a powerful process is sparking story ideas through imaging, developing them through listening, and shaping them through the help of an ally.

Pirates in Pajamas: Create Your Own Bedtime Story

Have you always wanted to tell you children stories but found yourself lacking in creative energy? Would you like to share your values in a way that sticks? Would you like your children to hang on your every word? Experience a Pirates in Pajamas workshop live with Steffani Raff! Her humorous an interactive teaching style will entertain and instruct and you’ll leave her workshop with a brand new story and the skills to make more.